How a two-minute film for a meeting opener became an explainer video for an entire industry.

UiPath asked us to create a video to launch the Forward III event in Las Vegas. They needed to educate the target on what was beginning to happen in the world of automation and illustrate the many ways in which automation was not only helping businesses streamline their back-office tasks, but freeing people from the monotony of repetitive work. The look, feel, and tone of this short film not only spawned the birth of an entire brand image for UiPath around the world, it also became the go-to-film for UiPath competitors to help them explain what this new technology could do.


When the world shut down during the pandemic. UiPath asked us to create a follow up film to “The Story of Work”. This film not only helped UiPath sales teams around the world educate their customers on the way in which UiPath automation was helping so many different industries keeping their businesses going behind the scenes, it helped emotionally articulate the emotion behind the technology.

Sure, the robots are coming. Only they are not taking our jobs. They are going to make our lives better.

See how robots found the beauty in people with Autism.