UiPath automation software is changing how companies around the world operate and grow. We helped nine of them tell their story.


What do established, centuries-old companies like JP Morgan Chase and Generali have with modern day upstarts like Uber?  They are all using automation from UiPath to improve how they operate and innovate, opening up new channels for their companies to grow.

To demonstrate how Uber, Xerox, dentsu, Generali, Applied Materials, JP Morgan Chase, NYPCC, Autonomy Works, and Takeda are implementing UiPath’s automation to propel themselves into their next phase of growth, we created the Gallery of Customer Achievement for UiPath’s Forward 5 conference in Las Vegas.  The gallery consisted of nine walls – one for each customer, detailing the story on how automation was helping these companies operate and innovate.


Nine global customers. Nine gallery walls of art.