U2 Live at the Rose Bowl was streamed live on YouTube to more than 10 million viewers, making it the largest and most successful live stream in history.

When Tom Krueger was asked to design the photography and video coverage for the U2 360 tour, he didn’t anticipate the tour would end with such an epic finale. On the last night of the US tour at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl, the band wouldn’t merely play to the record-breaking, sold-out crowd of 97,014. They would also be joined virtually by 10 million U2 fans across the globe, in the first-ever YouTube live stream. Planning was intense and critical. A typical night on tour, Tom’s team would employ 13 cameras for coverage of the band which was fed into the state-of-the-art, 60-foot-tall, 360-degree screen. On this night, Tom would add 14 more. Bringing the total camera count to 27. These additional cameras not only helped Tom capture the true excitement, architectural scale, and visceral energy of the event for the ten million U2 fans around the world, it made them feel as if they were actually there. The creative choices he made also enabled him to go on to win the award for video director of the year. Have a look at Tom here in behind-the-scenes footage from this historical event.