The many faces of Tom Krueger were revealed to us in the pandemic.

A prolific musician and songwriter in his own right, Tom created the band Elka Park. In the beginning of 2020, when there were only faint rumblings of Covid-19, he was gearing up to release his debut music project, “Belly of the Beast”, on April 1st, 2020. By the time the day arrived, New York was in full lock-down and no one was paying attention to anything other than the pandemic, let alone the Elka Park debut. So, Tom embraced his other great love, filmmaking. And he began to craft a response to the sounds of silence his debut received. The results are two hilarious short films, which serve as explorations into his own experiences in the forced isolation of a pandemic. Tom wrote, directed, shot, edited, sound engineered, and performed 18 different roles in this one-man show. The films not only exemplify Krueger’s comedic prowess, but also his abilities as a multidisciplinary filmmaker.