Sound Shore

Sound Shore Distillery of Mamaroneck, NY was the brainchild of master distiller Artie Bruno, and two brothers Andy, and John Bloch. They each poured their hearts and souls into creating a unique American single-malt whiskey, one that won national awards. Tragically, just six months after the new tasting room opened, the distillery was hit by a devastating flood from Hurricane Ida that destroyed everything, including over 100 barrels of the finest American single malt.
Table of Content created the branding, packaging, digital, and social media, and they helped the team build the distillery from scratch. While the distillery may be gone forever, friendships were formed, wonderful work was done, and a few barrels of the most outstanding whiskey the Sound Shore region has ever known still live on in the Bloch brothers’ garage. While tragic, it’s a story proving that the most beautiful things can sometimes emerge from the darkest times. Sound Shore Distillery is a testament to the power of passion and community; we can all raise a glass to that.